Look Into Your Future

Watch as these happy clients tell their stories and begin to actualize their dreams and support their community!

On the Road to Hartford with Rob and Chip

With a thirst to bring truth and information in an uncertain political climate. Rob created the show On the Road the Hartford with Rob and Chip to start an open discussion of the issues facing Connecticut.

Rob Hotaling For Governor 2022 - Jobs Economy

Rob wanted an effective but simple way to convey his ideas on how he could help Connecticut be a more affordable place to live in. Working with my team's talent we created a video to advertise his message on Facebook and Youtube.

United Nations Association: jUNe Day: Re-imagine Fun

UNASWCT welcomes members of the United Nations Staff, Delegates, and Agencies as guests of Westport. They enjoy a small-town festival, Westport Sunrise Rotary’s Duck Race, the Beach. Tennis. Golf. Soccer. Nature Center. Model Farm.

Dr. Amy Chai: Change In Leadership!

To get Dr. Amy Chai's message out quickly but effectively, I created a visually capturing video based on texts and emojis. This style of video was targeted to capture the attention of Milineals and Gen Z

Entopus: Announcing A New Partnership

Entopus wanted a creative yet powerful video that tells the world that they now have partnered with another leading-edge technology company and created a solution that would track and keep their assets safe.

jUNe Day Opening Ceremony

Fully edited video of jUNe Day opening ceremony. The video contains footage from a camera and drone.

Dr. Amy Chai: Why Vote Independent!

Dr. Amy Chai ran for congress on the independent line. She believed that neither Republicans nor Democrats were doing anything to unite America. Together we laid out her platform on what we need to do to get America back on track!

Coflict: Entrepreneurship In the Hispanic Community

Coflict has a series of Ikishops (workshops) that use Human Systemics to find new talents and strengths as we build communications, trust, and practical skills.We created a series of videos that show exactly what they do and how they do it!