Make Dreams Into Reality

We are lifetime dreamers and learners. Our dreams don't have to stay dreams. We can learn how to bring them to life! Are you ready to take the first step?

Continuously engage your consumer base. Using modern templates and marketing reinforcement methods, I can improve your visibility online on major browser search engines.
Looking to start or improve your business? I'll teach you how to get ahead using the lean methodology. Either one-on-one or taking online courses, I know I can help your business thrive in this technology-driven world.
Dreams need to be financed somehow. If it's your business or personal life, you'll understand and effectively use various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.
Mediation is a consensual process in which participants work together with the facilitation of an impartial, trained third party such as our staff, to address the conflict.

When We Work Together...

We create SYNERGY! Make your dreams emerge from your mind and into this world.

The traditional way of working and doing business has changed. Be on the leading edge of technology solutions for businesses. From tracking and inventory management to leveraging online presence and financial literacy to run or start your business more effectively.


Synergy makes the dream work! I make pivoting your business or personal life fun and engaging. Being productive has never been more attractive!


Let's get creative! Capture the attention of your audience when we tap into our artistic side. With great ideas for photos, videos, social media posts, and more, we can give you the exposure you need to actualize your dreams!


Certified Mediator | Multimedia Guru | Bookkeeper | Innovative Entrepreneur



More About Jon

Check out how I advocate for the voices less heard!

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